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Leveraging Technology through SAMR


Learn about SAMR through these various sources (or your own exploration).

As you explore SAMR, add characteristics of each level to the Padlet below. Be descriptive. Add pictures and your own thoughts!


Students use Google Docs to write about their personal experiences with COVID19 and share with teacher.


Students use a Google Doc template created by their teacher to develop a script for their podcast with their peers.


Students hyperlink examples of podcasts that grab their attention and explain in writing their reasoning for choosing those podcasts.


Students use script to record an audio podcast on Anchor.


Students use GarageBand to create intro/outro music and sound effects.

Students send audio clip to peers for feedback. Peers record feedback in a Google Form.


Students share GarageBand files to Anchor to create and edit final podcast.

Students use Autodesk Sketchbook to create the cover of their podcast on Spotify.

Students send link of completed Spotify podcast to friends and family via email and social media.

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